Hot Water Cylinders

Hot water cylinders are used for the storage of thermal energy that has been produced from the solar collectors during the day. They can be placed either above the collectors for the thermo siphon system or in the stokehold for the closed loop system.

Metalco Heaters hot water cylinders are manufactured in one of the most modern factories in Cyprus according to the European models BS843, BS699, BS853 and BS2870.
From a variety of materials, the best are chosen, as clean decaled copper for the inside of the cylinder and in the piping, in order to ensure high performance, safety and long lasting.

Before delivery every cylinder is checked as regards its pressure, while our company also offers written guarantee for all its products. Hot Water Cylinders are available in different sizes, in both horizontal and ground angling.


Internal Hot Water Container

99,9% is from clean decaled copper or from soft steel covered with decaled copper. The extended use of copper, material which is harmless for your health, ensures a perfect operation and resistance in time. There is a optional access flange for the inside.

Heat Alternator

Pipe made from copper with diameter Φ22 or Φ28mm for the circulation of thermal fluid form the boiler of the central heating or the solar system. The spiral shape reduces the friction of fluid and impedes air hemming. The hot water container can be provided with one or two alternators if needed.

Cylinder Insulation

High density Polyurethane foam with thickness up to 80mm for good insulation.

Collector Casing

Choice of stainless steel, Aluzinc (steel alloy of Al and Zn), pre-painted steel or epoxy painted galvanized steel.

Electric Element

Back up source of energy, power 3kW, 240V, 50HZ, single phase electric element, with automatic thermostat and security thermostat. You can place two or more elements on the same cylinder by placing an order.

Cylinder Types

1. Low pressure
Made from copper in sizes from 15 up to 1000 litres for operation pressure 10 or 25 metres water column (test pressure 1.45 and 3.65 atmospheres).

2. Medium pressure
Made from copper in sizes from 15 up to1000 litres for operation pressure up to 6.0 bar (test pressure 9.0 bar).

3. High pressure
Made from steel and copper lined in sizes from 50 up to 5000 litres and operation pressure up to 7.0 bar (test pressure 9-13.0 bar).