Solar Collectors

The solar collectors constitute the most important piece of the solar system because of their ability to change the solar energy in thermal.

They are manufactured with a choice from emerging profile of aluminium, alouzinc, galvanized sheet-metal dyed with metal paint or stainless steel, insulation of glass-wool of thickness 50mm, each manifold and from special glass of thickness 4mm, durable in all weather conditions.


Special Glass

With low content of iron, tempered, perfect permeability, durable in all weather conditions.


Strengthening Collar

Special formation of the pipes with the use of a collar in order for the bonding to be stronger, smooth flow of the thermal fluid and avoidance of lime deposit.


Made from Φ15mm vertical copper pipes and Φ22mm horizontal from 99.9% clean copper.

Collector’s Insulation

Glass wool layer with 50 mm thickness on the base and a layer of waterproofing membrane on the top.

Absorbent Plates

Made from copper, painted with a special pain (Solar Collectors ELCO M) or with selective coating of chromium/nickel for better efficiency.

Ultra Sound Welding

Without the use of flux, for perfect conductance and more efficient transfer of the heat.

Collector Casing

Choice of stainless steel, Aluzinc, pre-painted steel or epoxy painted galvanized steel.

ELCO MAS and highest yield ELCO MS are distinguished for their quality and cover the needs for hot water of a modern home.