Solar Water Heaters

The solar water heater is the most common system used for the production of hot water to use at home or anywhere else needed. It is constituted by a hot water cylinder and solar collectors.
The Metalco solar water heaters are sold in a variety of dimensions, capacities and appearance in order to satisfy every need and preference.


Cylinder Casing

Choice of stainless steel, Aluzinc (steel alloy of Al and Zn), pre-painted steel or epoxy painted galvanized steel.

Cylinder Insulation

High density Polyurethane foam with thickness up to 80mm for good insulation.

Heat Exchanger

Φ22mm or Φ28mm diameter copper tube for the circulation of the thermal fluid from a central heat boiler.

Clear Glass

High transparency low on iron, tempered glass. Strong under severe conditions.

Rubber and Sealant

For waterproof and reducing the thermal losses between the glass and the casing.

Collector Casing

Choice of stainless steel, Aluzinc, pre-painted steel or epoxy painted galvanized steel.

Ultrasound Welding

Without using flux and soldering material, for perfect conductivity and efficient transfer of heat.


15mm vertical and 22mm horizontal copper tubes from pure 99.9% deoxidized copper.

Collector Insulation

Combination of glasswool blanket of 18.5kg/m3 density and 50mm thickness at the bottom and rubber PE foam strip on sides.

Electric Immersion Heater

Supplementary 3kW power heat source, with double regulating and safety thermostat.

Internal Cylinder

From pure 99.9% deoxidized copper or from copper-lined steel.

T-connection Strength

Special T-drill tube connection for reinforced collar welding, smooth heat fluid flow and avoidance of lime deposit.

Absorption Plates

From copper, painted with a special mat black paint (ELCO MAS collector) or with chrome/nickel selective coating for higher efficiency (ELCO MS collector).

Multiple Choices

Metalco Heaters solar systems are available in several sizes, capacities and appearances to satisfy every demand and taste. There is also option foe separate cold water tank or hot water cylinder installation, in order to hide or blend them to the aesthetics of the building.

Using high tech equipment such as robots and ultrasonic welding machinery, Metalco Heaters manufacturers, with the help of skilled personnel, quality products that offer effective management of solar energy and subsequently, real savings.