Cold Water Plastic Tanks

Metalco Heaters cold water plastic tanks are manufactured from polyethylene, a material which is recyclable and safe for use with potable water.

The Raw materials used are primary and certified for use with potable water in their final form from the Water Research Council of England (WRAS Approved Product).

Metalco Heaters Cold Water Plastic Tanks are manufactured in two different types, double wall and triple wall, and they come in different sizes of 750, 1000, 1500 and 2000 litres.


Double Walled

Ecological with excellent physical and mechanical attributes, similarly to the triple walled it has a special coating which prevents the developing of fungus from sun radiance.

Triple Walled

Due to the specially insulated shell it retains the water temperature in constant level through out the year. If the pipes are also insulated then the water is kept between 15-25oC and not 40 in the summer.


Double walled, screw which seals hermetically in order for the water to be kept clean at all times.


Safe for lifting with crane and easy to place on roofs.


Easy to be carried by two persons with their hand.

Safe for Potable Use

By polyethylene, a material which is recyclable and safe for potable water.